Dual Circuit Pieces

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  1. Lat / Row

    Lat / Row

    Angled seat properly aligned with the mid row pulley creates an unobstructed path for the rowing exercise. Two rail handle holder prevents rowing handle from coming undocked and strengthens the frame. Polished and knurled aluminum foot rest creates a no wear surface and enhances the premium aesthetics.
  2. Bicep / Tricep

    Bicep / Tricep

    Oversized hand pads provide added comfort for tricep press exercise. Rear seat pad for added stabilization during tricep exercise. Multiple starting positions for both exercises.
  3. AB / Low Back

    AB / Low Back

    Overhead grips and a rolling back pad prestretch the abdominals and creates a traditional crunch exercise. Unlike other ab/back machines there is no need to exit the machine to change exercises. Minimal adjustments creates ease of use and long term durability. The oversized seat and rounded lumbar pad increase user comfort.
  4. Leg Extension/Leg Curl FS-50

    Leg Extension/Leg Curl FS-50

    The Paramount FS-50 Leg Extension/Leg Curl features a 5 position back pad and 6 position leg curl thigh pad to accommodate a wide range of users.
  5. Lat Pulldown/Seated Row FS-53

    Lat Pulldown/Seated Row FS-53

    The Paramount FS-53 Lat Pulldown/Seated Row features an 8 position thigh pad that easily adjusts to accommodate a wide range of users.
  6. Pec Fly/ Rear Delt FS-55

    Pec Fly/ Rear Delt FS-55

    The Paramount - FS-55 Pec Fly/ Rear Delt features a 6-position seat assembly that will accommodate users of all sizes.
  7. Biceps/ Triceps FS - 56

    Biceps/ Triceps FS - 56

    The Paramount FS-56 Biceps/ Triceps features a 5-position seat with low back support to accommodate users of all sizes.
  8. Low Back/Abdominal FS 57

    Low Back/Abdominal FS 57

    The Paramount FS-57 Low Back/Abdominal features a 5-position range of motion adjustment that allows users to easily change between Low Back and Abdominal exercises.
  9. Bicep/Tricep CG-7506

    Bicep/Tricep CG-7506

    Unique handle design allows bicep and tricep exercises, • Deluxe contoured arm pad enhances user comfort, Adjustable leg hold down pads accommodate various size users, Multiple start positions for both exercises with range of motion feature, Ratchet-style telescoping seat offers quick and easy positioning
  10. Leg Extension/Curl PPD-806

    Leg Extension/Curl PPD-806

    Ratchet-style telescoping back pad offers quick and easy positioning, Convenient multi-position thigh hold down pad ensures proper exercise form, Self aligning foot roll accommodates various size users, Biomechanically correct seat angle ensures maximum muscle isolation

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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