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  1. Genesis DS Chest-Shoulder - F500

    Genesis DS Chest-Shoulder - F500

    The FreeMotion Chest-Shoulder targets muscles in the shoulders, arms and chest. Aluminum swivel pulley's with snap clip design allows you to quickly target multiple muscle groups in each workout. The unique design of the pulley arms accommodates multiple shoulder and chest press options. Plus, quickly fold away the seat to switch between a seated to standing workout position.
  2. Genesis DS Ab - Biceps - F501

    Genesis DS Ab - Biceps - F501

    The FreeMotion Ab-Bicep combines the strength training benefits of bicep training and abdominal training in one dynamic machine. The Ab-Bicep utilizes cable-based training with aluminum swivel pulleys to target different muscles in the core, upper, lower and oblique abdominal, arm and shoulder regions.
  3. Genesis DS Lat Pulldown/High Row - F502

    Genesis DS Lat Pulldown/High Row - F502

    The FreeMotion Lat Pull-High Row engages the arms, shoulders, back and stabilizer muscles to improve overall core strength and balance. The Lat Pull-High Row utilizes cable-based training and free range of movement to functionally train your upper body for pulling and lifting movements. An adjustable thigh pad comfortably secures your legs throughout your workout and the pivoting seat pad allows you to quickly fold away the padded seat to switch between seated and standing workout positions.
  4. FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross F624

    FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross F624

    The FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in both sports and life.
  5. Genesis™ Low Pull - G626

    Genesis™ Low Pull - G626

    The Freemotion Genesis™ Low Pull increases strength with live-sliding pulleys follow that follow a natural path of movement—giving progressive resistance and optimum muscle activation throughout the entire workout.
  6. Genesis™ Dual Cable Cross Lite - G424

    Genesis™ Dual Cable Cross Lite - G424

    The Dual Cable Cross Lite is a hybrid strength training and aerobic machine that boosts the heart rate to burn calories and build muscle mass
  7. Genesis™ Cable Column - G625

    Genesis™ Cable Column - G625

    The Cable Column by Freemotion is the foundation to any effective, strength-building workout with the flexibility to work well for all fitness levels and gym environments.

7 Item(s)

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