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The Fitness industry has changed quite a bit in the last 25 years. When Body-Solid, Inc was founded in 1989, neon spandex and “Body by Jake” were all the rage. Today, it’s all about high-intensity interval training, pull-up rigs and slam balls.

Despite the industry changes, Body-Solid’s focus and directive has remained the same — provide value-priced fitness products to retailers, dealers and consumers across the world.

Grounded by their motto “Built for Life” and an industry-leading lifetime warranty, Body-Solid has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fitness equipment for both home and commercial use.

Body-Solid boasts one of the widest arrays of products in the industry including multi-station gyms, free weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbell and accessories.

Currently, Body-Solid products are sold in 44 states across the United States and 57 countries, with dealers from New Caledonia and Nicaragua all the way to Bahamas and Belgium.

The company has also been instrumental in providing top-quality fitness equipment for hundreds of police and fire departments, military and government, sports teams, schools and universities, rehab and medical facilities and community fitness centers across the country and the world.

This year, the Forest Park, IL-based company celebrates 25 years in business. 25 Years of dedication to providing the world with the best value in the fitness industry. BODY-SOLID - 25 YEAR

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  1. Powerline P2X Home Gym

    Powerline P2X Home Gym

    The easy to use, multi-capacity Powerline P2 Home Gym is astutely designed to offer free roaming developments and extraordinary extent of movement for any size client. By joining together an ergonomically right press arm and a useful preparing arm, the P2 places you in the novel position to have the best of both planets: conventional activities and utilitarian preparing in a solitary, conservative machine.
  2. G3S Selectorized Home Gym

    G3S Selectorized Home Gym

    Propelled designing has brought about outstanding extent of movement and full movability for any size client. The multi-grasp press arm framework conveys profound and compelling muscle communication for midsection, slope and shoulder press developments. No compelling reason to sit on the floor to perform paddling activities with the G3s, essentially get a handle on the mid line handles for a thrilling mid and lower back workout that will expand adaptability, construct quality and assuage lower back anxiety.
  3. G6B Bi-Angular Home Gym

    G6B Bi-Angular Home Gym

    The Bi-Angular press arms of the G6b guide you through the ideal characteristic extent of-movement while applying safety from two bearings simulaneously. This smooth, liquid, multi-directional safety framework naturally generates 25% more muscle association by disposing of the capability to rest your midsection muscles. Hence, you build the activity power through a full extend of protected, united, multi-joint, multi-plane development designs.
  4. G9S Two-Stack Gym

    G9S Two-Stack Gym

    The G9 arrangement of rec centers emphasizes a multi-capacity Press Arm Station for seat press, slope press, shoulder press and midsection backed mid column works out.
  5. Best Fitness Sportsman Gym BFMG10

    Best Fitness Sportsman Gym BFMG10

    Complete gym in one compact, affordable machine.


    Complete exercise center in one minimized, reasonable machine. The cushioned pressing arms take after the common circular segment of a free weight seat press and pectoral dumbbell fly.
  7. Powerline P1X

    Powerline P1X

    The Powerline P1 Multi-Station Home Gym is intended to be flexible, strong, trustworthy and moderate. Much more, with its agile curves and outline forward tasteful, this expense cognizant exercise center consolidations structure and capacity to supplement cutting edge home decor.
  8. Powerline PHG1000X

    Powerline PHG1000X

    Take your workouts to a more elevated amount by including the discretionary 150 Lb. selectorized weight stack. The simple selector pin spares time and vitality and still permits you to include standard weight plates when you need to push your cutoff points.
  9. G1S Gym

    G1S Gym

    The Body-Solid G1s packs a ton of force, quality and strength into the littlest foot shaped impression accessible. Fixated on a 160 lb. selectorized weight stack, this rec center permits in excess of 40 toning, trimming and quality preparing activities. From the multi-hold press arm to the molded, customizable seat cushion, the G1s provides for you more for your cash than whatever viable home rec center available.


    The Bi-Angular press arms of the Fusion 600 aide you through the ideal characteristic scope of-movement while applying safety from two headings simulaneously. This smooth, liquid, multi-directional safety framework consequently creates 25% more muscle connection by dispensing with the capacity to rest your midsection muscles.

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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