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  1. HS / HSG-1225 Low Back

    HS / HSG-1225 Low Back

  2. HS / HSG-1310 Abdominal Crunch

    HS / HSG-1310 Abdominal Crunch

    Radial ball bearings for smooth pivot motion
  3. HS / HSG-1725 Mid Row

    HS / HSG-1725 Mid Row

    Swiveling chest pad self-aligns to user, reducing pressure on chest
  4. Glute Master Weight Equipment

    Glute Master Weight Equipment

    Knee pad sets with pivoting movements for accurate departed and right exercise positioning. Added forearm assistance and angled-grip handles allow users to interact with core muscles during the entire exercise. Rocking downward movement with the upper torso over the exercise offers an optimal choice of exercise motion.
  5. Hoist Triceps Press CL-3103

    Hoist Triceps Press CL-3103

    The new CLUB LINE from HOIST Fitness offers a smaller, quieter option to club owners looking for more space in their facility with the premium equipment that only HOIST can offer. With no guide rods or selector pins, the Club Line’s Slide Select System has fewer friction points and a smooth, quiet function. In addition, the Slide Select System has a solitary weight system allowing for adjustment in five pound increments on the two hundred and three hundred pound systems.
  6. Glute Master RS- 1412

    Glute Master RS- 1412

    Dynamic adjustment is the essence behind the new ROC-IT™line from HOIST®. Using ROX™ technology, the user becomes an integral part of the exercise by continuously adjusting the position of the user with the movement of the exercise arm. As a result, the ROC-IT line embodies a unique training experience that achieves the unrestricted joint movement and core activating benefits of functional training coupled with the stabilizing benefits of machine-based equipment. Try it out for yourself and experience the ride of the ROC-IT line!
  7. AP-7300 3-Station Multi Gym System (Nylon Pulley's)

    AP-7300 3-Station Multi Gym System (Nylon Pulley's)

    Combination Multi-Press/Row Station, Leg Extension/Curl Station and 15-position Hi/Low Station as shown (other configurations and combinations available).
  8. Shoulder Press CG-7501

    Shoulder Press CG-7501

    Full length back pad provides maximum comfort and support, Ergonomic multi-position handles allow standard and neutral grip presses, Ratchet-style telescoping seat pad adjustment accommodates various size user, Sealed & hidden 2" roller bearing with solid steel shaft for smooth press movement
  9. Pectoral Contractor CG-7505

    Pectoral Contractor CG-7505

    Biomechanically correct exercise design with rotating handle bar, Chrome plated adjustment cams allow multiple pre-stretch positioning, Ratchet-style telescoping seat offers quick and easy positioning
  10. Tricep Extension CG-7508

    Tricep Extension CG-7508

    Deluxe contoured arm pad maximize user comfort and proper positioning, Neutral grip handle design enhances muscle isolation and minimizes joint strain, Adjustable leg hold down pads accommodate various size users, Biomechanically advanced cam design ensures correct resistance curve, Ratchet-style telescoping seat offers quick and easy positioning

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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