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  1. Zero Runner ZR7

    Zero Runner ZR7

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    The ZR7 was created to meet an audacious goal: to provide a true running experience with zero impact.
  2. Zero Runner ZR8

    Zero Runner ZR8

    The all-new ZR8 was built with one goal in mind – performance. And performance means many things – power, speed, endurance, efficiency, versatility and recovery. With the ZR8 premium zero-impact running machine, you’re equipped to take your running program to the next performance level.
  3. ZR7000 - Standard

    ZR7000 - Standard

    The new Zero Runner ZR7000 replicates real walking, jogging and running motion but without any repetitive stressful impact to the body. A true, non-impact alternative to a treadmill, the Zero Runner uses independent hip and knee joints to mimic human biomechanics without a fixed stride, so exercisers can walk with a shorter stride or run with strides up to 58″. Using the same muscles as running, the Zero Runner enables virtually everyone to run without impact.
  4. HLT 2500

    HLT 2500

    The Helix turns tradition on its side— literally.
  5. HLT3500 - Touch

    HLT3500 - Touch

    Most machines work front-to-back. The Helix turns tradition on its side— literally. With lateral (or side-to-side) movement, you use more muscles, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout– in the same amount of time. Science proves it. Plus Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines.
  6. Model H1000 Touch

    Model H1000 Touch

    Premium Residential Lateral Trainer Model H1000 Touch

6 Item(s)

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