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  1. CRS800 Stepper

    CRS800 Stepper

    The CRS800 Recumbent Stepper is the perfect solution for those wanting a low-impact, full-body workout, while performing a functional movement with minimal stress on lower body joints. The seated stepping motion utilizes a linked, linear motion enabling users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of motion capabilities. The smooth stepping action is complemented with oversized cushioned foot pedals, linked natural upper body motion with large cushioned multi-grip handles, and a step-through frame design for users with limited mobility.


    Spirit CRS800S Recumbent Stepper With Swivel Seat The CRS800S Recumbent Stepper makes total-body exercise accessible for a wide variety of users. Regardless of age or physical ability, the CRS800S offers a variety of features that take the effort out of getting on and working out. The step-through design and swiveling seat assembly allow easier machine entry/exit. Self-adjusting linear step range not only accommodates users of various heights, but also limitations in range of motion. Adjustable arms, hight-density foam seats and cushioned foot pedals create a comfortable movement pattern.
  3. StepOne


    StepOne has a fresh new look with a darker frame, lighter covers and a smaller footprint. StepOne provides a smooth, total body functional movement.
  4. 8 - FreeClimber - LCD

    8 - FreeClimber - LCD

    Decades at the top and we'r still climbing!
  5. 8 - FreeClimber - 10" Touch Screen

    8 - FreeClimber - 10" Touch Screen

    Decades at the top and we'r still climbing!
  6. Cascade Climber

    Cascade Climber

    The new Cascade Climber offers an exceptional time efficient, low impact workout.

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